If you need help due to COVID-19 please contact us

Please let us know if you need help due to COVID-19 or if you can volunteer to support people in our community who need our help. Delivering prescriptions, dog walking and food delivery are the kinds of things that people need help with if they're self isolating.

People may be self isolating but they need to know they are not alone - we are all in this together. Click on the links above to either volunteer or tell us how we can help.

If you need other types of support, such as with your physical or mental health, for domestic abuse, if you're a carer or you need financial, food or housing support please check out our links and information below. If we've missed something that you need help with we'd love to hear from you - here's how to Contact Us.

Tewkesbury Foodbank

Tewkesbury Foodbank


NHS Direct

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Help for mental health & wellbeing

Emergency Dentist

Domestic Abuse


Gloucestershire Carers Hub

Do you need financial help?

Tewkesbury Council Covid19 support

Help with Pets