Could You Lead a Volunteer Network?

Do you know people up and down your street or village? Do you have friends who want to help but don't quite know how? Can you organise information and link up with other people?

TCR can provide support and resources for local networks but the initiative has to come from local, grass-roots level.

To see what's involved, have a look at the excellent Stroud Coronavirus Support Network's page on Setting up a Neighbourly Network. If this sounds like something you'd be willing to take on or share for your road, apartment block or village then please do contact us first; we have links to Borough resources and can help you to be sure that your network is safe and does the most good.

If you are already doing this it would be incredibly helpful if you would contact us. If we know who you are looking after, we can work to fill the spaces around your patch without getting in your way.

TCR is at:



T: 07492395920 Daily 9am - 6pm