Register as a Volunteer

There are lots of things you can do which fit with your individual skills and your situation. Here are some possibilities:

When you go shopping take a list for someone local who can't go out and buy theirs as well. They'll repay you for what you spend.

If you cook for yourself or your family then make some extra portions for your local support group to distribute. They can repay you for ingredients.

Be a telephone supporter to someone who hasn't got family and friends to help - speak to them each day to give them something to look forward to and to make sure they are ok.

It is really important to bring volunteers like you together with people who need them most, which is why Tewkesbury is basing its response on local, street-level networks where people know people. This makes our community actions safer and more effective, and means people don't get left out.

TCR can put you in touch with your nearest local network. Just fill in the volunteer form, or email You can find local groups on Facebook by searching for Tewkesbury Community Response. If you aren't on line then please ring 07492395920. The phones are manned by volunteers so you may have to leave a message but we will get back to you. {formbuilder:2289}